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Pregnancy Starter Kit & Prep

I want to make sure to cover all the bases for everything you might want to know in order to prep yourself for becoming pregnant. There are items for a starter kit and advise from morning sickness to beauty products, food and ingredients.
I would advise that you collect these items before you are pregnant, because even with Amazon Prime, 2 days is a long time to wait when you are experiencing morning sickness. I of course did not do that, and so… I purchased Amazon Prime.

Starter Kit

Morning Sickness

  • Get enough sleep direct connection between not enough sleep and morning sickness.
  • Always have snacks such as saltines and small snacks with high protein.
  • If there is a smell that makes you nauseous then discretely hold your breathe. Emphasis on discretely.
  • Take B6 every night at bedtime. This was helpful.
  • Never let your stomach get empty. NEVER!
  • Potato Chips (salt helps with nausea.)
  • ALWAYS take prenatal vitamins with food.

Beauty Products

Start looking at your face and body products and try to eliminate using one that haver harmful ingredients such as…. Retinol (anti-aging), Tetracycline, Phthalates and several more. These ingredients are commonly found in face serums, moisturizers, self tanners, hair removal creams, nail polish, and hair dyes.


Food to be aware of: Lunch meat, Queso Cheese, Caffeine (up to a certain mg is ok), Alcohol (duh)., etc.


Fun Gimmicks

For breastfeeding clothing ideas check out my blog post on Breastfeeding Friendly Clothes and Breastfeeding clothes NOT from a Maternity Store

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