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Woodland Nursery Theme


Every pregnant woman is entitled to a nesting process, some start earlier, and some later. We started decorating our nursery about 2 weeks before baby’s due date.

We wanted an outdoorsy theme for when our son was born in April.

To achieve this and save money we used left over paint that we had. So this room is a dark slate blue and we bought a used crib and chalk painted it. Then instead of purchasing the canvas on Etsy, I designed the canvases myself and had them printed.


I ended the saying with “That’s what boys are made of”, instead of “That’s what little boys are made of” so that he can get more use out of the canvases. Because we all know, little boys don’t like to be told they are little at a certain point.

I went through easy canvas prints to have them printed and they arrived rather quickly. Which was really nice.


Buck CanvasDuck Canvas

Truck Canvas

Dog Canvas

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