$10 & $25 – Gift Exchange Ideas

For the Family Christmas gatherings that I attend, we always end up playing a game. A very popular one is called “The Dice Game”.

One way i have played this is everyone brings a gift costing $10 or $25 dollars total. If you’re a girl you bring a girl gift. If you are a boy, you bring a boy gift. We do this so everyone who brings a gift ends up with a gift.

The gifts go in a pile in the center while everyone sits around the gifts. Then two sets of dice are passed around the circle. One set of dice travel clockwise while the other counter clockwise.

When the person who is rolling the dice gets a double, they get to pick a gift from the pile. We do this until all the gifts are gone from the center. We unwrap the gift that we picked. We roll dice again to swap gifts, this round is timed and it can be anywhere from 10-15 minutes. Also a gift can only be swapped 3x, then it’s done.

So for those family gatherings where you’re having a hard time thinking of a gift that fits the specific price range, here are some ideas.

Disclaimer: The Amazon links listed in this article are affiliate links for products that I recommend. Affiliate means, that if you purchase this item I will get credit for the purchase and receive a commission at no cost to you 🙂

$10 and Under Gift Ideas



$25 and Under Gift Ideas



What family games do you play during the holidays?

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